What Does it Cost to run F1200?

There are two options for any driver wishing to race in the FTDA F1200 series;


Purchase and maintain a car yourself

Arrive and Drive

The first option comes with a variable price tag, depending on how much money you have to spend up front and how much work you wish to do yourself.

For the “do it yourself” racer, a budget F1200 driver with an average mechanical ability can do routine maintenance and come to the track without a crew and be competitive using the same car year after year. All expenses for our six race weekend series, including routine engine rebuilds, can be covered for less than $5,000 a season if you go with an absolute minimum budget. By minimum budget we mean a driver who, for example, chooses to use his Khumo race tires for two years instead of one and opts to rebuild his transmission once every three years instead of two etc. This figure of course excludes possible crash damage which is less expensive to repair than any other race car.

Purchasing an F1200 will cost you anywhere between roughly $5000 for a roller without an engine to $12000 for a fully race ready race car. Annual costs are as follows (these are approximate 2009 numbers):

Costs Budget Racer Minimum Budget

Late Entry Fees x 6 Events $2100 –

Early Entry Fees x 6 Events – $1950

Premium Fuel 30L @ $1.00 per L x 6 events $180 $180

Motel and Meals 6 x $150 $900 $0

Camping / Brown bag meals 6 x $25 $0 $150

Between Race Maintenance (Self)  – $0

Between Race Maintenance pro race prep 6 x $200  $1200 –

Tires (new set each year) $650 –

Tires (new set every 2 years) – $325

Annual Engine Rebuild $1500 $1500

Transmission rebuild (every two years) $200 –

Transmission Rebuild (every three years) – $133

Gear lube and Misc.  $100 $100

Towing 6 x $100 $600 $600

Totals (2006 Prices) $7430 $4938


Arrive and Drive

The other option is to rent an F1200 race car. This option is usually chosen by those that cannot afford to purchase a car outright or simply don’t want the hassle of towing, storage and maintenance. This option is also known as “Arrive and Drive”. The driver simply arrives at the track with his racing apparel, pays the fees for the day, then jumps into the car and races.

In our series, there are two arrive and drive options; Vallis Motorsport and TLM Racing. Either rental option costs less than $10000 CDN to rent a racecar for an entire 6 event season (2007 prices).

Of course, crash damage is extra, however parts are relatively inexpensive. For example, a complete front end can be replaced for approximately $1500. A nose cone is about $150. Dollar for dollar, F1200 is one of the most cost effective open wheel classes available.