Jul 222018

Congratulations to our winners of the 2018 Contingency Program. Round 1 1st Prize – Jeremy Steinhausen ($400) 2nd Prize – Bill Mitchell ($200) 3rd Prize – Barrett Kingsborough ($100)   Round 2 1st Prize – Peter Van Hanson ($400) 2nd Prize – Phil Wang ($200) 3rd Prize – Barrett Kinsborough ($100)   Remember, you must […]

Jul 252017
2017 Contingency Program Winners for Round 2 and 3

Congratulations to the following drivers for winning the 2017 Contingency Program draws in round 2 and 3. Round 2: 1st Prize: Ian Hain 2nd Prize: Megan Gilkes 3rd Prize: Jesse Ward Round 3: 1st Prize: Ian Hain 2nd Prize: Jesse Ward 3rd Prize: Phil Wang  

Jun 162017
BEMC Spring Trophy May 13-14

The first event of the Miller’s Oil F1200 Series provided to be an exciting one. Running together with the Challenge Cup Series and featuring 2 FV drivers from Brazil, the weekend proved to be a memorable one. Race 1 saw 24 cars take the Green Flag, the battle for the lead would be fought by […]

May 092017
Membership Has Its Privileges

It has been brought to our attention that the Admission to the Challenge Cup race for the May 13-14 BEMC weekend is actually $550.00 per entry vs $500 per entry for regular CASC Grid. In an effort to ensure all our members have the best experience possible the FTDA will be reimbursing the $50 premium […]