Sep 242011

Andrews’ in the Protoforms sweep the weekend at Mosport

Heading into the weekend, there wasn’t much that Michael Iamundi needed to do to clinch his 4th straight drivers Championship.  Same for Kevin Deevey for the newly formed Masters Championship.  All they needed to do was simply finish all three races.  That was not the case for any other aspect of the points battles.  Steve Bamford led Phil Wang heading in by only 4 points, while David Taylor led Andrew Waring by just 2 points for the Rookie Championship.

The field took a new look into qualifying.  Sporting new rides would be Kevin Kepelke, now in the #55 BRD; Andrew Waring trying out the #22 AVR Protoform, and Steve Bamford would have to resort to his second car, the #13 Mysterian after a hard crash in the #7 car in practice.  In qualifying, the Andrew’s swept the front row, with Andrew McMurray taking pole and Andrew Waring taking a season best 2nd qualifying position.  Race 1 started with a very fast lead group breakaway of 5 cars.  Coming across the line in different positions every lap included Waring, McMurray, Wang, Iamundi, and Taylor.  Using the draft on the backstraight, the lead pack made it very exciting for all those watching in turn 8.  With McMurray leading the pack, Iamundi pulled outside of him, with Taylor outside of Iamundi.  With a huge pull in the draft, Waring managed to get inside McMurray making it 4 wide into turn 8.  With the preferred line, Waring took the lead and held it across the finish line.  A big win for the youngster, was the first for him in his rookie campaign, and the first for the 2nd year team AVR Motorsports.  Following in 2nd was McMurray with Iamundi, Taylor, and Wang, all finishing within 1 second of the lead.  Through the race, the lead pack would see times in the 1:42s, the fastest times the cars have seen on the new Falken tires.

Race 2 saw more of the same from the lead pack, with 6 cars in the lead pack this time as Bamford joined the lead group.  Another nail bighter down the back straight on the final lap, the win came down to Waring, McMurray, and Iamundi.  Waring in third going into turn 8 managed to get around Iamundi through 8, and alongside McMurray across the finish line.  McMurray would edge him out by just 0.05 seconds across the line.

Race 3 continued the trend of a drafting, with Kepelke joining the lead group in his new ride making it a 7 car battle for the lead.  Swapping positions through the lead group through the entire race, it would again come down to the last lap.  With McMurray, Iamundi, Waring, and Taylor in a close train down the back straight, they would stay in line this race, making their moves on the last corner.  With Iamundi getting inside of McMurray heading into turn 10, the two would both lose exit speed, allowing Waring to get along side the both of them.  The three would cross the finish line side by side by side.  McMurray would take the win over Iamundi, then Waring, all just 0.06 seconds separating each other. The top 7 would finish just 1.6 seconds between them.

Sweeping the weekend in the Masters class, Deevey would clinch the Master Championship.  Iamundi finished just as he needed to, clinching the overall championship.  Heading into the final weekend, just one point separates Bamford and Wang for 2nd, and four points separating Waring and McMurray for 4th.  Waring now has a small buffer for the rookie points battle, with 31 points over Taylor heading into the season finale.