Jul 182012

The third round of the season was back at Mosport, and had the highest number of entries seen in years, with 21 cars starting the weekend, including an all-time class high of 5 Master’s entries.  Qualifying had a very tight grouping up front, with 9 cars within 1.5 seconds of the pole position held by Steve Bamford.

The start of the race was very crowded to say the least.  The top 10 cars hooked up right off the green flag, including Steve Bamford, Kevin Kapelke, Andrew McMurray, Andrew Waring, Michael Iamundi, Shane Viccary, Noel Brigido, Phil Wang, and David Taylor.  Running in the second group for the whole race would be a group of three including top Master’s drivers Kevin Deevey and Bill Mitchell, along with rookie driver Matt Garwood.  Over the first 9 laps, the lead changed 8 times between 5 different drivers.  Kapelke, Bamford, McMurray, Waring, and Iamundi all took a taste of the lead.  On lap 10, multiple cars came into contact with each other in turn 5, with the end result putting McMurray around and out of contention for the lead.  That also gave Bamford some breathing room from the lead pack, and took the win.  Waring would wind up finishing second, with Iamundi closely behind in third.  Deevey edged out Mitchell for the Master’s win.

Race two had more of the same with the top 9 cars having a fast break away from the rest of the field.  The race had a much faster pace as race one with the average lap speed to be almost one second per lap quicker.  Bamford led the race for the majority of the way with the rest of the pack closely in tow.  On the last lap, Waring made a number of moves, moving up from fifth to first and taking his first win of the season.  McMurray would bounce back after a tough first race to finish second, with Iamundi, Taylor, and Wang rounding out the top 5.  Mitchell would edge out Deevey this time for the Master’s win.

Race three continued the trend at the front of the field, with a strong 10 cars running at the front of the pack.  A very fast and aggressive pace by the leaders, they could just not hold on this time.  On lap four, while battling for the lead, Waring ran out too wide in turn three and come in contact with the tire wall on the outside of the track.  He was ok, but the car stopped in a bad position which brought out a full course caution.  On the restart, Bamford held the lead for the majority of the race and took the win.  Todd, Iamundi, Wang, and McMurray rounded out the top 5.  Mitchell would hold out for another Master’s win.

After the weekend, McMurray (740) would hold is top position in the points, but only by 14 points over second place Iamundi (726), and 74 points over Bamford (666).  Deevey (808) would also hold on to the Master’s points with a healthy 138 points lead over Frank O’Hanlon (680).  Round 4 will be back at Mosport on August 4-5.  Expect another action packed, highly competitive weekend.