Aug 142012

Heading into round 4, 18 cars took to the track at Mosport for what was expected to be a high intensity weekend.  It did not disappoint.  The drama started early on as the red flag came out in the first few laps of qualifying.  Heading into the turn five, multiple cars came together, and Kevin Deevey flipped onto his roll bar in his #68 Womer.  He would be ok, and the AVR Motorsports team would even manage to get it fixed and back to racing condition before the first race a few hours later.  The qualifying pace was a fast one, with Steve Bamford edging out Michael Iamundi for the pole by 0.098 seconds.  The top 6 would be separated by less than 0.5 seconds.

Right off the green flag would be an eight car break-away, including Bamford, Iamundi, Phil Wang, Spencer Todd, David Taylor, Kevin Kapelke, championship leader Andrew McMurray, and Andrew Waring.  A close chase group was only a few seconds behind for the majority of the race, including Sam Ashtiani, Reid Arnold, Noel Brigido, Sid Nye, and Matt Garwood.  Just a few laps into the race, Taylor spun to bring him back to the second group.  McMurray fell back as well with handling issues.  The lead went back and forth 7 times through the race, with Bamford taking the victory.   Iamundi and Waring finished out the podium, with the top six within 1 second.  The master’s win went to Dave Aird, while top rookie in the race went to Sid Nye.

Race two started with more of the same, with a fast eight car top group, closely followed by a five car chase group.  An extra variable put into the field was the much faster Formula Libre cars on the track at the same time.  While lapping the F1200 field, the Libre cars ended up separating the pack on a number of occasions.  This did not spoil a dramatic finish, however.  Crossing the line for his first win of the season was Wang.  The battle for 2nd place saw 2nd through 5th going four wide across the finish line.  Waring, Bamford, Iamundi, and Todd were separated by just 0.14 seconds in that order.  The master’s win went to a hard charging Desmond Ennis from the back of the field, with Nye taking top rookie again.

As if the drivers weren’t on edge enough through the first two races, weather played a part for race three.  After a large storm, there was a drying track for the majority of the third race.  Iamundi, Waring, McMurray, and Wang would set out to a quick pace right away gapping the rest of the field.  As the race went on, there would be some casualties with Ashtiani hitting the wall in turn 5, and Arnold losing his steering and stuffing it into the tires in turn 3.  At the front, the tightly contested Protoforms of Waring and McMurray came into contact battling for 2nd heading into turn 5.  McMurray’s car was beached in the gravel, and Waring would manage to nurse the car through the final lap and a half to take a third place finish.  First and second was a familiar site from previous years, with Iamundi taking the honours over Wang.  Ennis took the master’s win again, with Garwood placing as top rookie.

Heading into round 5, the Championship takes a new turn to the always popular Calabogie.  There is a new look to the Overall Championship, with Iamundi (984) now leading Bamford (900) and Wang (894).  Deevey (1072) added to his points lead over O’Hanlon (914) in Masters.  Garwood (446) also added to his rookie points lead over Andre Du Preez (248).