Jul 302013

With the Vallis Cup on the line this weekend, 19 drivers arrived to put in their bid to win the prestigious trophy.  The trophy is awarded to the driver who has the most cumulative points throughout the three races over the weekend.  Coming up for the weekend to have a shot at the trophy, visiting from the south, was SCCA FV driver Albert Spadin Jr.

Qualifying on Saturday saw a common lineup in the front row, with Michael Iamundi (#35 Caracal) and Phil Wang (#73 Caracal) taking the top spots.  Kevin Kapelke (#4 Black Hole), Matt Garwood (#31 BRD), and Reid Arnold (#23 Protoform P2) all qualified within 1 second of Iamundi to round out the top 5.  Regular front runner Andrew Waring (#22 Protoform P2) had car problems, and was not able to put in a lap, so would start last in race 1.

Race 1 was scheduled to run last on Saturday, but because of heavy rain and standing water, race officials chose to postpone it until the following morning.  When the race did get going, it was a quick lead pack of 5 cars taking off from the flag.  It didn’t take long for Waring to work his way thought the field, and was in 3rd place by the end of lap 2.  Half way through the race, one of the cars dropped a significant amount of oil in turn three right in front of the leaders.  With no flags out yet, the lead pack hit the oil and sent cars in all different directions.  Iamundi and Waring came together, but all cars would continue on.  Iamundi, Waring, and Kapelke found each other again and separated from the rest of the pack.  They would finish in that order, with Garwood and Wang rounding out the top 5.  Dave Aird (#56 BRD) edged out Bill Mitchell (#58 BRD) by 0.6 seconds for the Master’s win and 11th overall.

Race 2 had another big lead pack, with Noel Brigido (#46 Lynx B) latching on to make it a 7 car group.  There was another tight group just a few seconds behind made up of Jeremy Steinhausen (#76 BRD), Dermot Ennis, and Sid Nye (#55 BRD).  The lead of the race changed hands 8 times, but would finish with Kapelke coming through the pack in the draft on the final lap, followed closely by Waring, Iamundi, Wang, and Arnold.  The top 7 drivers finished within just over 1 second.  Finishing 9th overall, Dermot Ennis also took the Master’s win.

Heading into the final race of the weekend, the battle for the Vallis Cup was between Iamundi, Kapelke, and Waring, with all three drivers within 2 points of each other.  The race played out very similarly to race two, with Steinhausen in the lead pack, and Brigido drifting back to the second group.  Nose to tail for 11 laps, the lead drivers set up for the final lap.  After the main straight, Waring was leading through the final three corners.  In turn 9, just behind Waring, a number of cars came together, going off in different directions, including sending Kapelke into the wall on the outside of 9.  Coming through the carnage was Brigido to take 2nd place behind Waring.  Wang recovered to finish 3rd, with Dermot Ennis sneaking through to finish 4th along with his 2nd Master’s win of the weekend.  Nye and Steinhausen rounded out the top 5.  With the win, Waring clinched the Vallis Cup.

After round 4, Iamundi still finds himself at the top of the point’s standings (1004), but Wang close behind (968), and Waring also closing in (884).  The Master’s Championship is still being held by Aird (848), with Mitchell (812) and Dermot Ennis (724) close behind.

Round 5 will be held at Calabogie Motorsports Park on August 24-25.